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November 2014

Wed-Thu Nov 05-06: Short course on approximate Bayesian inference for a class of models named latent Gaussian models (LGM) using the R-INLA package. Instructor: Andrea Riebler (NTNU). Location: Oslo. Send email to Bettina Andreassen (b.k.andreassen@medisin.uio.no) if you would like to attend.

Thursday November 6 (14:30-15:30): Andrea Riebler (Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU). BayMeth: Improved DNA methylation quantification for affinity capture sequencing data. Domus Medica, room TBA.

Tuesday November 11 (14:15-15:00): Tore Selland Kleppe (UiB). Bandwidth Selection In Pre-Smoothed Particle Filters. Room 107, N.H. Abels House.

Tuesday November 18 (14:15-15:00): Jan Fredrik Bjørnstad (Statistics Norway and Dept. of Math.,UiO). Survey sampling the way I see it. Room 107, N.H. Abels House.

December 2014

Thursday December 11 (14:30-15:30) BMMS seminar: Ørnulf Borgan (Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo). Domus Medica. Abstract: TBA

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