Previous lunches from 2013.

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Wednesday lunch 4 December 2013: (12:00-13:00): Plamen Nenov (Norwegian Business School – BI): "Buying First or Selling First? Buyer-Seller Decisions and Housing Market Volatility". Lunch room, NR.

Wednesday lunch 20 November 2013: (12:00-13:00): Marie Lilleborge (UiO/NR) and Martin Jullum (UiO/NR) on their PhD projects. Lunch room, NR.

Wednesday lunch 6 November 2013: (12:00-13:00): Alex Lenkoski (NR): "An Introduction to Monetary Economics through the Televised Congressional Testimony of Alan Greenspan". Lunch room, NR.

Wednesday lunch 23 October 2013: (12:00-13:00): Researcher grand prix We bring three participants: "Per Lindberg (UiO), Marie Lilleborge (UiO/NR), Sunil Nair (UiO/Simula). Lunch room, NR.

Wednesday 4 September 2013: Ingvar Tjøstheim (NR): "Collecting Data with surveys and revealed preferences. Case: The Norwegian E-voting 2011".

Wednesday 29 May 2013: Håvard Hegre (Research Professor at PRIO, Professor II at Department of Political Science, UiO): "Peace on Earth? Predicting the future of internal armed conflict".

Wednesday 15 May 2013: Mads Greaker (Head of Research, Statistics Norway): "Why do not clean, emission free technologies succeed?".

Wednesday 17 April 2013: Harald Weedon-Fekjær (Researcher NTNU/ UiO): "Building statistical models to illuminate new research questions using classical breast cancer epidemiological data".

Wednesday 13 March 2013: Arnoldo Frigessi and Magne Aldrin (sfi²/NR/UiO): "Visiting the University of Hawassa".

Wednesday 27 February 2013: Professor Arnoldo Frigessi (UiO/ (sfi)²): "Understanding Machine Learning". Videos.

Wednesday 13 February 2013: Professor Ingrid Glad (UiO) & Anders Løland (NR): "2013 International year of Statistics: what shall we do?".

Wednesday 30 January 2013: Geir Kjetil Sandve (IFI; UiO) & Sveinung Gundersen (Oslo University Hospital): "Python, java, C++ and all those languages: what is going on? How do they compare? What should we use and learn as statisticians?"

Wednesday 16 January 2013: Professor Nico Keilman (UiO): "What is happening in modern demography: life course analysis, policy evaluation, dimension reduction, prediction intervals in demographic forecasting".

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