Previous lunches from 2012.

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Wednesday 5 December 2012: Professor Carlo Mannino (Sintef and University of Rome):  "Trains, routings and extended reformulations: recent approaches in applied optimization".

Wednesday 21 November 2012: Jacob Laading (Chief Market Risk Officer at DNB, and Associate Professor at NTNU): "Experiences of a statistician in the world of finance and banking".

Wednesday 7 November 2012: Håvard Goodwin Olsen (NR): "Punktprosessmodeller for linjetransektdata".

Wednesday 24 October 2012: Alexander Woxen (Managing director StartupLab AS): "Startup-lab: from ideas to products".

Wednesday 10 October 2012: André Teigland (NR): "How to sell statistical competence?"

Wednesday 19 September 2012: Professor Yuri Galperin (UiO): "Noise in condensed matter with an emphasis on nanophysics and superconductivity".

Wednesday 18 April 2012: Statistician and TV celebrity Jo Røislien (UiO): "Seeing is believing: Communicating science to non-scientists".

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