Previous lunches from 2011.

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Wednesday 30 November 2011: PhD project presentation from Hilde Galleberg Johnsen + Peter Guttorp on "Different ways of estimating daily mean temperature". NB! This lunch will take place in the (sfi)² area (the 3rd floor).

Wednesday 23 November 2011: PhD project presentation from Øystein Sørensen

Wednesday 16 November 2011: PhD project presentations from Dennis Linder and Morten Valberg

Wednesday 9 November 2011: PhD project presentations from Tonje Lien and Kristoffer Hellton

Wednesday 2 November 2011: Geir Kjetil Sandve (Ifi/SFI) on "The Genomic HyperBrowser: biologists challenging statisticians – and vice versa".

Wednesday 26 October 2011: PhD project presentation from Reinaldo Marques + Peder Jansen from Section for Epidemiology at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute on "The spread of infection in salmon farming"

Wednesday 19 October 2011: Free chatting

Wednesday 12 October 2011: Hugo Hammer (HiOA) on "Predicting the number of players in multiplayer online games"

Wednesday 5 October 2011: Geoffrey Canright and Kenth Engø-Monsen (Telenor): "Networks – social and otherwise"

Wednesday 28 September 2011: First lunch after the summer. Maciel Zortea (NR): "Computer image analysis in the diagnosis of melanoma"

Wednesday 25 May 2011: Bent Natvig on his new book Multistate Systems Reliability Theory with Applications. (This is the last (sfi)² lunch before the summer.)

Wednesday 18 May 2011: Arnoldo on his week at the University of Hawassa, in Ethiopia, as part of the NTNU MASTMO programme.

Wednesday 11 May 2011: A very short summary of (sfi)²'s last board meeting by André Teigland.

Wednesday 4 May 2011: All you need to know about Geostats 2012, the Ninth International Geostatistics Congress, Oslo, Norway, June 11 – 15, 2012. The conference is coorganised by (sfi)².

Wednesday 13 April 2011: Gianpaolo Scalia Tomba: "Evaluating interventions against the A(H1N1) 2009 pandemic in Norway"

Wednesday 6 April 2011: Fredrik A. Dahl (Ahus): "Kvantifisering av informasjon fra spørreskjemaer ved entropi"

Wednesday 30 March 2011: No lunch

Wednesday 23 March 2011: We follow the Abel prize announcement live. Welcome!

Wednesday 16 March 2011: Douglas Maraun (Professor in Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics at the Leibniz-Institut of Marine Sciences at Kiel University (IFM-GEOMAR)): "Extreme Value Statistics in Climate Research"

  • FISHER, Sir Ronald Aylmer (1890-1962) won the 3rd round!
  • MARKOV, Andrei Andreevich (1856-1922) won the 2nd round!
  • GAUSS, Carl Friedrich (1777-1855) won the 1st round!

Wednesday 9 March 2011: Arnoldo on his recent sabbatical in Italy + the final round of the (sfi)² lunch favourite statistician of all times contest

Wednesday 2 March 2011: Ariel Almendral Vazquez (NR), just returned from Colombia, on "Thermochronology and the formation of the Andes mountains" + round four of the (sfi)² lunch favourite statistician of all times contest

Wednesday 23 February 2011: No lunch (winter holiday)

Wednesday 16 February 2011: Odd O. Aalen (Department of Biostatistics, University of Oslo): Kausal inferens - nytt paradigme i statistikk eller keiserens nye klær? (in Norwegian) + round three of the (sfi)² lunch favourite statistician of all times contest

Recommended papers in relation to the talk of Odd O. Aalen:

Lynch KG et al. (2008): Causal mediation analyses for randomized trials. Health Serv Outcomes Res Method 8, 57-76

Petersen ML et al. (2006): Estimation of Direct Causal Effects. Epidemiology 17, 276-284

Greenland S et al. (1990): Causal Diagrams for Epidemiologic Research. Epidemiology 10, 37-48

Wednesday 9 February 2011: Egil Ferkingstad (NR) presents his impressions from the recent conference "Workshop on Bayesian Inference for Latent Gaussian Models with Applications" + round two of the (sfi)² lunch favourite statistician of all times

Wednesday 2 February 2011: Xeni Dimakos (tidligere NR, nå VOX): Statistikk + samfunnsvitenskap = sant (in Norwegian) and we vote to find the (sfi)² lunch favourite statistician of all times!

Wednesday 26 January 2011: First lunch in 2011, welcome! Magne Aldrin (NR) will talk about space-time modelling of the spread of a disease between fish farms in Norway (and illustrated by animations).

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