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Wednesday 3 December: Last lunch in 2008!

Wednesday 26 November: Scholarly lecture. Speaker: Tore Schweder. Theme: Tracking moving targets: Ornstein-Uhlenbeck prosesses with hierarchical structure of latent O-U processes and with fixed effect forcings. Subtitle: an example of continuous time stochastic processes in action.

Wednesday 19 November: No program.

Wednesday 12 November: Henry Wynn is visiting us! We will interview him on several different topics, and hear his opinions, knowledge and ideas!

Wednesday 5 November: No LUNCH, CCII workshop.

Wednesday 29 October: Scholarly lecture. Speaker: Nils Hjort. Theme: Feelings in research: from joy to jealousy, from anger to depression (and more). Discussant: Arnoldo Frigessi.

Wednesday 22 October: Scholarly lecture. Speaker: Geir Storvik. Title: Objections to Bayesian statistics, from a Bayesian perspective.

Wednesday 15 October: Welcome to our sfi2-lunch. There is no programme for today, to favour discussions among us.

Wednesday 8 October: Fabrizio Ruggeri and Antonio Pievatolo are vising us for two weeks! They will tell us about research in their institute in Milano, (IMATI). Antonio will present a short overview on three recent projects on reliability, electricity load control, and Bayesian nonparametrics.

Wednesday 24 September: Birgir Hrafnkelsson (University of Iceland) is visiting us this week. He will tell us about 'Estimation of discharge curves using B-splines'; see abstract.

Wednesday 17 September: Petter Guttorp is vising us! He will tell us about Modelling space time-data from air quality monitoring.

Wednesday 10 September: Welcome! First lunch after summer break. We will hear reports on conferences attended during the summer. Arnoldo will also go through comming events, deadlines and challenges.

Wednesday 4 June: Welcome! Last lunch before summer break. FILM!

Wednesday 28 May: Welcome! We have no programme today, but all of us who are traveling in the summer to conferences will be asked to briefly say where they go.

Wednesday 21 May: Nils L Hjort presented his book on model choice.

Wednesday 14 May: NO lunch! pinse og 17 mai

Wednesday 7 May: Anthony Davison (Lausanne) is visiting us. He will tell us about his research interests and in particular on "Applied Asymptotics" (see Abstract).

Wednesday 30 April: Knut Liestøl (IFI) is leading the board of Forskningsrådet's Divisjon for store satsinger. He presented some of his views on this activity, and also put the concept of sfi in context.

Wednesday 23 April: Arnoldo made a general presentation of many projects, with the aim to give an overview of projects at (sfi)2 for those of us who have joint (sfi)2 more recently. Many projects are looking for new collaborators.

Wednesday 16 April: This lunch was dedicated to the theme: Statistics in climate change research. Slides from Lars Holden's talk on this subject can be downloaded here.

Wednesday 9 April: No lunch today: we had the sfi-day the day before!

Wednesday 2 April: No lunch today. Ida Scheel is defending her Phd today. Welcome!

Wednesday 26 March: Welcome

Wednesday 19 March: No lunch, Påske!

Wednesday 12 March: (sfi)² key scientist Odd Aalen told us about his current activities and thoughts

Wednesday 5 March: No lunch! (Mathematics and medicine workshop.)

Wednesday 27 February: Gilles Guillot has recently moved to Oslo, and has a position at CEES. Take a look to his web page to get an impression of his fields of interest! Including Spatial statistics, Bayesian modelling, Computationnal statistics , R packages development, Population genetics and molecular ecology, Environmental statistics, Statistical analysis of microarray data. Gilles will come to our lunch to present himself and some of his interests.

Wednesday 6 February: Eivind Hovig: The usefulness and challenges of a statistical genome browser

Wednesday 30 January: No programme, time for informal conversations plus some information.

Wednesday 23 January: We saw a few interesting video lectures, including from and Efron..

Wednesday 16 January: First lunch after the Christmas break. Tore Schweder presented: Jensen is everywhere - various uses of Jensen's inequality.

Wednesday 5 December: Last lunch before the Christmas break.

Wednesday 28 November: Kjersti Aas (NR) presented her research activity, and that of her group, on themes in finance and surrounding.

Wednesday 21 November: no programme this time, :-) Thank you very much to Marion Haugen and Bjørnar Mortensen for the lucnhes!

Wednesday 14 November: Arnoldo will try to give a picture of the projects currently running at (sfi)2, with a view to identify further possible synergies and cross-area opportunities.

Wednesday 7 November: Lunch with some of our partners. (UiO, HI, StatoilHydr)

Wednesday 24 October: Mark van de Wiel (Amsterdam) visited sfi2. He presented himself and talked briefly on his work with genomics.

Wednesday 17 October: Glenn Lawyer (Instituttgruppe for psykiatri, UiO) presented his work on MR images of the brain and schizophrenia. Håvard Rue also joined, from NTNU, and presented briefly himself and his research interests.

Wednesday 10 October: Theme: Petroleum. We heard about research at NR, UiO and (sfi)² directed towards problems in petroleum recovery and production. Lars Holden was in charge of this lunch.

Wednesday 3 October: HØSTFERIE- NO LUNCH!

Wednesday 26 September: Magne Aldrin told us about his marine projects with Havforskningsinstituttet. Arnoldo also reported on the two-day conference he attended "Bioteknologi i sentrum – møteplass for næringsliv og forskning", organised by FUGE and NFR.

Wednesday 19 September: Anastassia Baxevani (Gothenburg) and Clelia Di Serio visited us. They told us about their research in oceanography and genomics, respectively.

Wednesday 12 September: Anders Øksendal, who is a visiting researcher at (sfi)² coming from DnB NOR, told us about the role of a mathematician/statistician in a bank. Inge Helland (Matematisk Institutt, UiO) told us about a conference on PLS which took place at Ås.

Wednesday 5 September: Halfdan Rydbeck briefly presented himself, and told us about how it is to work in a genomics team in USA. Ola Lindkvist and Anders Løland (NR) have worked together with Bent Gary Andersen, Hervé Babusiaux, Kristine Dybwad, Frode Georgsen, Laurent Viguier (Norsk Hydro) on an (sfi)2 project studying something called Swing-Options. They told us a little about this.

Wednesday 29 August: Hege Bovelstad and Ida Scheel are back from a longer period at Stanford and Bristol. They told us about their experience.

Wednesday 25 April: Arnoldo frigessi gave a short tutorial on the research of SRS Varadhan, who comes to Oslo soon to receive the 2007 Abel Prize (large deviations, random walks, hydrodynamical limits). Presentation of current visitors at (sfi)2: Jean Francoise Quessy.

Wednesday 2 Mai Gunnhildur Hognadottir Steinbakk is in the last period of her PhD and will tell us on her research results and interests: Bayesian p-values in model criticism.

Wednesday May 9: Geir Sorvik will tell us about a project he has started on Hvorfor er Bayesianske sannsynligheter for modellalternativer så vanskelig. Ørnulf Borgan, who is editor of Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, will tell us about the profile of the journal, the type of papers the journal wishes to publish and more general on his work as editor.

Wednesday 16 Mai BBC Film on Fermat's last theorem x^n + y^n = z^n and discussion.

Wednesday 30 Mai Egil Ferkingstad will tell us on distinguishing and measuring direct and indirect effects in certain regression models. Arnoldo will report on an EU application we prepared with Gjensidige on climate and insurance industry.

Wednesday 6 Juni: Mette Langaas (Mathematics, NTNU) will tells us about her research in statistical bioinformatics, currenlty and planned. Tron Moger (Biostats) skal beskrive sammenheng mellom frailty-modeller og copula-modeller.

Wednesday 13 Juni: (sfi)²-styre is invited: come and meet for a discussion on (sfi)²

Wednesday 22 August: WE START AGAIN WITH OUR LUNCHES! Today Arnoldo will give a short presentation of what happened at sfi2 so far. He will also say a little on the coming months. The second part of the lunch will be dedicated to "what have you read in the summer that was interesting for you and maybe for others?" .

  • The lunch has been previously prepared by Ingrid Hobæk Haff, Ola Lindqvist, Mathilde Wilhelmsen, Hege Bøvelstad, Marion Haugen, Siri Øyen Larsen, Bjørnar Mortensen, Steffen Grønneberg, Arnoldo Frigessi, Ida Scheel. Takk!
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