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  • CompareSeq: We plan to introduce other tools to aid in the analysis of genetic sequences. One aspect is the possibility to move between species and update a priori knowledge, for new searches. This project is with Sencel. Contact Marit Holden for more information.
  • Complex models: New models for complex systems, their approximation and inference. Model comparison and validation. HSSS, MCMC and alternatives. Space-time data. Mechanistic models … are models that try to mimic the real world. These models tend to be complex, since they have pieces of complicated knowledge inside. These models are designed together with those who know the specific field. Estimation and prediction can be very successful, since more assumptions are implemented. Contact Håvard Rue for more information.
  • Data integration: New methods for the joint analysis of data sets of different source, type, scale, quality, with complex dependencies. Contact Arnoldo Frigessi for more information.
  • EventAnalysis: New methods for comparison, analysis and prediction of systems producing events in time, new methodologies to assess causal relations.Contact Odd Aalen for more information.
  • Infectious diseases: Infectious disease modelling, for scinetific understanding of mechanims of spread and prediction, are more and more important instruments for public health management. We are working in many directions, from AIDS epidemics and other sexually transmitted diseases to ILA virus in salmon farming, from antibiotica resistant bacteria in Oslo's hospitals to plague in rhodents. Contact Arnoldo Frigessi for more information.
  • MaleContracept: Spermatech develops new drugs used to manipulate sperm motility in order to develop non-hormonal male contraceptives. Spermatech’s technologies are based on the discovery of a protein that is crucial for sperm motility, because when CαS is ablated or non-functional, the sperm cell becomes non-motile. CαS is only found in mature sperm. Spermatech is in the process of developing drugs that can be used to target CαS with high specificity. Contact Marit Holden for more information.
  • Multicompare: Large scale comparisons, prediction and factor selection: new methods exploiting structural sparsity. FDR. Group testing. Contact Arnoldo Frigessi for more information.
  • Statistical genomics: We are working on many projects to analyse genomic data. Take contact with us, if you are intrested in statistical genomics. Contact Arnoldo Frigessi for more information.
  • SwingOptions: Produce new statistical methods to price extra flexibility, thus contributing to innovation in the large and valuable long term gas contracts. The project is with Norsk Hydro. Contact Anders Løland for more information.
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