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  • A position as Researcher in Biostatistics is available at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo. Deadline for application: September 20, 2012
  • Currently there are exciting opportunities for postdoctoral fellowships in statistics and OR in the UK:

    EPSRC, the main funder for mathematics research in the UK, is currently wishing to invest more in statistics research. One way they are doing this is that the only area that they will fund postdoctoral fellowships is in statistics and applied robability. They are particularly keen to fund fellowships in areas that are likely to make an impact outside of statistics/probability, including through working with industry and other research users. This fits perfectly with the aims of the STOR-i doctoral training centre, and the research of many people here at Lancaster University. For details of the ndustrial partners actively supporting our programme see:


    There are no nationality restrictions on who can apply, but they must be based in the UK during their fellowship. The fellowships are typically for 3 years. Further details of the scheme are also available from:

    http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/funding/fellows Pages/default.aspx

    There are three types of fellowship available: postdoctoral, early and established career, with the specification of each given on


    Though there is no formal deadline for this scheme, to get funding for starts in 2012, applications need to be submitted to be considered for review at January-February or July panel meetings which typically means submissions should be 2-3 months in advance of these meetings.

    Suitable people are encourage to apply for such a fellowship and to be based at Lancaster. The research area would need to fit within the broad research areas of people currently here. Advice and assistance in putting together an application will be given if you are interested, provide text of the unique research-industry interface that they offer, and if appropriate would try and use the contacts they have with industry and other users to gain further support for any application.

    If you are interested contact Paul Fearnhead (p.fearnhead@lancaster.ac.uk).
  • TWO PH.D POSITIONS AVAILABLE AT (sfi)² in the area of geostatistics, spatial statistics and statistical modelling, with emphasis on Bayesian methods, networks and graphical models, and computationally intensive inference. Application deadline: April 1, 2012
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