Defended Ph.Ds 2013

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  • Halfdan Rydbeck

Title: Integrative epigenome analysis
Supervisors: Eivind Hovig, Universitetet i Oslo
- Professor Adrienne M. Flanagan, University College London, Storbritannia
- Associate Professor Monica Chiogna, University of Padova, Italia
- Postdoc Steffan Daniel Bos, Universitetet i Oslo, Norway
Trial lecture (17.12.13): CPG Methylation and Gene Expression, which drives which
Oslo, 17.12.2013

  • Linn Cecilie Bergersen

Title: Guiding the Lasso: Regression in High Dimensions
Supervisors: Ingrid Kristine Glad and Nils Lid Hjort
- Professor Christophe Ambroise, University of Evry, France
- Associate Professor Mette Langaas, NTNU, Norway
- Professor Ørnulf Borgan, Universitet i Oslo, Norway
Trial lecture (14.06.13): Meta analysis for genomics data
Oslo, 14.06.2013

Innovation Areas