Defended Ph.Ds 2011

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  • Xi Zhao

Title: Systems Biology and Genomics of Breast Cancer through mining multi-level molecular profiles
Supervisors: Ole Christian Lingjærde and Anne Lise Børresen Dale
- Professor Lodewyk Wessels, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
- Assistant Professor Christina Curtis, University of Southern California, USA
- Professor Odd Aalen, Institutt for medisinske basalfag, Universitetet i Oslo
Trial lecture (06.12.11): Personalized cancer medicine in the postgenomic era - Statistical methods to interpret genomic profiling data
Oslo, 06.12.2011

  • Steffen Grønneberg

Title: Some applications of stochastic process techniques to statistics
Supervisors: Kjersti Aas and Nils Lid Hjort
- Chargé de cours Johan Segers, Institut de statistique, biostatistique et sciences actuarielles, Université catholique de Louvain
- Professor Iréne Gijbels, Statistics Section, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
- Professor Anders Rygh Swensen, Matematisk institutt, Universitetet i Oslo
Trial lecture (18.11.11): Dependence modeling via copulas]
Oslo, 18.11.2011

  • Marion Haugen

Title: Using frailty models to account for heterogeneity and associations in cancer epidemiology and insurance
Supervisors: Tron A. Moger and Odd O. Aalen
- Postdoc Elisabeth Wreford Andersen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
- Research leader Stein Atle Lie, Uni Health, Bergen, Norway
- Associate Professor Ingrid K. Glad, Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo, Norway
Trial lecture (30.05.11): Multi-state models in cancer research
Oslo, 30.05.2011

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