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  • Graphical Models and Bayesian Networks with R
    NR, November 26-27 2012

    Introduce participants to using R for working with graphical models. Focus will be on graphical log-linear models for discrete data (contingency tables) and on probability propagation in Bayesian networks.

    Lecturer: Søren Højsgaard (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aalborg University, Denmark).

  • MF9570 - New statistical methods for causal inference
    University of Oslo, October 15-18 2012

    New statistical models for causal inference are increasingly being used in epidemiology, clinical research and other fields. This course gives an introduction to some basic concepts and ideas in this area. Important concepts and methods that will be covered are: Directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), counterfactual causality, marginal structural models, direct and indirect effects, confounders, colliders, selection bias.

    Professor Odd O. Aalen, Department of Biostatistics, IMB (course leader)
    Postdoc Jon Michael Gran, Department of Biostatistics, IMB
    Researcher Kjetil Røysland, Department of Biostatistics, IMB
    Senior Researcher Hein Stigum, Norwegian Institute of Public Health
    Associate Professor Theis Lange, University of Copenhagen

  • BGC-Network course in Survival and event history analysis
    University of Oslo, 19-23 March and 7-11 May 2012

    The course gives a broad introduction to concepts and methods in survival and event history analysis. Topics covered include: counting process models for survival and event history data; basic results for martingales and stochastic integrals; the Nelson-Aalen and Kaplan-Meier estimators; the log-rank test and other non-parametric tests; multi-state models; Cox's proportional hazard regression; additive hazards regression; parametric survival models; the frailty concept; frailty models, marginal models, and dynamic models for multivariate survival data; dynamic path analysis and comments on causality; statistical computing using R. The methods covered in the course have applications in epidemiology, clinical medicine, demography, economics, insurance, sociology, and technical reliability.

    Lecturers at the course include Professor Odd O. Aalen (Department of Biostatistics, UiO), Professor Ørnulf Borgan (Department of Mathematics, UiO), and Professor Robin Henderson (School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Newcastle). For more details see here.
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