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  • Population-based Association Analysis - MF9380
    UiO, November 8-10 2010

    The course is intended to give an understanding of concepts and methods related to analysis of SNP data in population studies. It will focus on basic concepts of genetic epidemiology, population genetics and statistical methods and tools needed for this kind of genetic data. The course is based on the PLINK software, a short introduction will be given.

    Basic concepts of genetic epidemiology (Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, haplotypes, linkage disequilibrium, tagSNP selection methods, SNP data quality control, study designs, population stratification), introduction in PLINK software, analysis of qualitative and quantitative traits (tests for contingency tables and regression models), Multifactorial Analysis of Genotypes ((logistic) regression, likelihood-ratio test), multiple testing problem and GenexGene Interaction (Epistasis).

    Course leader: Associate Professor Bettina Kulle Andreassen, Department of Biostatistics, Institute Group of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo.

  • The University of Oslo Graduate School in Biostatistics is a joint activity of three departments at the University of Oslo and collaborating centres. The graduate school hereby announces a three days course on APPLIED LONGITUDINAL DATA ANALYSIS.

    UiO, August 11-13 2010

    A three-day course on longitudinal data analysis for continuous and discrete responses. The emphasis will be on multilevel modelling (also called hierarchical and mixed modelling) of longitudinal and panel data. Other approaches such as fixed-effects modelling, marginal modelling, generalized estimating equations (GEE), and "dynamic modelling" will also be discussed. The course consists of a mix of lectures and practical exercises. The applications and exercises will be based on the Stata software which is extremely powerful for longitudinal data analysis yet easy to use.

    The lecturers at the course are Sophia Rabe-Hesketh (University of California, Berkeley and University of London) and Anders Skrondal (Norwegian Institute of Public Health and University of Oslo). They have written many books, papers and chapters on longitudinal data analysis, and they have taught successful courses on multilevel and longitudinal modelling at Berkeley and the London School of Economics as well as many short-courses worldwide.
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